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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  July 29, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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so why the beef???maybe 125-thousand dollars for illegal hits last year byy goodell... .up next is the pate edition with karen parks... a violent buss rash.. caught pushed......and the extra was charges one driver faces tonight tonight(ms. duatista/neighhor) nasty.raw sewagee.. seeping onto the streets of baltimore... forrnearly 3 weeks whh its taken so long to find the problem...first on fox onit tonight...and why thees men from women fitnnss tips... womenhello, i'm karen parks...jeff baand is off tonnght ameriia is just days away from
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&phitting its debt limit... ...and lawmakers still have ii.but there arr late breaking - developments tonightthere were the debt vote approved a plaa......the second one killed it itboehnnr says: ttis house has acted..and it'sstime for this adminissratioo and my collegues on the other ssde of the aisleeto put something on the taale! show us wherr you aree (cheers) " " the hoose passed speaker john boehners debt ceiling bill...with all the democrats and 20 republicans votiig gainst it. several of them... ea party freshman... pho oppose any increase in the debt ceiling... say the boehner bill's 900 billion dollars in ccts... ii still &pnot enough.boeener's ill the faced a vote in the ssnate this eveningit aa kklled reid says:: "we will not agree oor country in jeopardy ii just a few weeks. that will pass both houses now
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rest in the ssnate. the august 2nd deadline are - &pstill thing that could happen... is a downnrade you? ii would force ld a bankk to charge you more interest for loans ou need. loans could go up about half a percent.cossing yoo an extra 2 dollars a mooth whicc is about 100thousand doll. dollars.the same thing would happen to home oans... bucks a monnh... or bout 500 dollars a year scotttlilly/ssnior ellow, center foo aaerican progress: p11:17:55) that will push down the number of buyees for a -- particular types of houses, and -- anddput the real estate markee into evee more of a (11:18:05) remember there are some interest rate hikesswe haven't cards. these are someeof the real-life consequenccs of this extraordinary politiial that has been grinding tonight on fox44 news at 5-30...we asked you if you
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prophesies ii an agreemeet on the debt cceliig is not reachhd moot of you said no noteri sayssi thiik they are pryinggto make all the people are getting paii of course." - course."but zurrell says"it's common sense that if the u-s goes over its debt limit that the dollar will fail." the debt disagreement is happening duriig one of tte áwwakestá recoveriee in 30 years... and could spell trouble ffr the presidentts rr- eeection campaagn campaign hiih gas prices and weak innome gains have hit conssmers hard.the economy grew at rate of 1--oont-3 shocker was a huge downward first quarter. growth originally estimates at 1.9%. but nnw the government says t grew aa just four-tenthss f a percent. the report sent economists backkto theer calculators, with maay lonski says: "i consider that we have goneethrougg the pecession to the gray stagnntion. a lot of reason to
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worry. all the help ww an get from washington. we do not needdtte current stalemate that adds to uncertainty." uncertainty." todaa, the president's approvaa rating dropped to a new low in the of the job he's doing 50-percent disapprrve ...and the tough economy may mean even more trouble for owings mills malltwenty-five much fanfare.s montt...the fanfare.but today....heee's not mmch o celebrate. several major retailees have shut down in rrcent yearss..including ssarsand lord and taylor.the &pmall's occupancy th looeet of any area all.mall managers say ttis week's groundbreaking ffr the new metrocenter will have a pooitiveeimpaaton owings mills. but one commercial property expert...remains skeptical. 33 successful with hat development,,that willlnot heep the mall. i don't thhnk it'll bring anyyody bacc to the mmal in fact t mayy in the mall and there re just a few f those, theyymay be other center."
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blame theemall'sproolems...on prowing ompetition from other owsontowne center. 3 first on fox tonight..... a sewage leak in outheast baltimore.. hummn waste pouring ut of a piie in front of people's homes. homes.... it's a messy problemmttat's been going for nearly three weeks on gough street near south ccester. neighborr snapped photos on smelly debris spilled n the r - gutter. city crews resppnded today.. checking pump believed to be the source of he problem. problem. (mcquesten) "it's a pretty significant problem, i mean, sewage in your gutter. it aw for property vaaue.. so, i'm ch very excited about getting it f" fixed..." tonight creww the sump pumppproblem.
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make repairs or the city couldd issue citations. 3 3 fight back.. and hell clean upp we're teaming up with the tracking down suspects in our "fugitive ffles". joy lepola.. is livv at the arraat apprehension task forceeheadquarters in north aasmmll tip pould ead to a big bust. 4100637-8970. detectivvs are and any information ou givee will beekept strictly confidential.. look closely as we review tonight's . fugitives. 44-year pold jerry harcuu is wanted for rmed robbery. harcum is 5-feet 1-inches tallland weighs abbut 210 ounds.. he also hhrcum. 1-year old daryl clouue isswanted on cloode is -feet 10-inches 3
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ttal and weighs 175 pounds. pounds. if you have any information on these &pssupects.. call our hottinn..0 410-637-8990. 3& you cannalso all metro crimestoppers at 1--66-7-. 1-866-7-lockup. and.. see alllof thh foxbaltimooe ot om. p3 -3 its a bad day for ffrmee &pastronaut,lisa nowakshe's tte wwman who assaulted a romantic lot.she ii now being forced to &pbaak in 2007.. rrsecutors sa
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after driving frrm housson to . orlanno.. reportedly weariig a hooorable," witt a reduced n 3 record breakinggheat bakes baltimoreeagain... and we're not done yet po attend the little italty film festivall. temps in he 900s means about half the people arr ttending. it was a record breaking scorcher today with a heat index of 110. p it's beee a long ime in little italy 1952 ---- oc - italy
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&p this ii the fifth week of th little italy film estival. it runs veryyfriday until the end of august 3bge crees are keeping a close watchhon energy ussge... to avoid a blackout.they don't plan to activate tte "peak rewards" program... which came under fire last week... company cycled off their air condiiioning on a day when ddgreesthis time ... bge put out a warning... in advance. pwhat we did in advance of any potential activation.... oq: keep in mind your part of this voluntary program." program." again... bge expects to have but just n case... customers meteorologist emily ggacey joins us now......and emily... we've gotta hot weekknd aheadd..
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ahead... 33 -3 you need to now about a recall of disnny branded pogo s. sticks.these pogo sticks were sold in target ann toys r us since february of 2009.the
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rubber ip at the bbttom can fall off... and the capp on tte handles can come ff.5 children have been injured... including a 9-year-old girr pith a fractureddskull and a chipped tooth. customers are peing offered a fulllrefundd &pcomppter programmers... facebook has a challenge for you.the company is offering security probllms on the 500-dollars....but you must agreeenot to go public withh the problem you found until faceeook as ffxed the probllm. problem. for more information on both of ttese stories... just go to fox-baltimore dot com slash newslinks 3 coming p on the latee edition...what these men are learing from omen... but next...33cameras aught the extra charges one driver p police officer who fell neaaly
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p0-ffet from the j-f-x... maae her ffrss public appearance officer teresa rigbb visitee zion baptist church in east paltimore... to thank the children from the church's summer camp for sendingg er a banner wishing herra speedy &precovery. last monthh- a carr plammed into the back of rrggy's police cruiser - below. to the concrete ay - 43:13 i just want to thank all else for all the prayers all the prayers really helped aad i'm thankful 23 23 riiby does plln to rrturn to work when sse's able. so far, no charges have beennfiled in the ccident. survived a clooe encounter ve ddesn't look ike heeused e common ense... sense...take look at this video..yyu see that shadow ii the water... thatts a
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&pshark.... eric jacobb is an day... he decidee to take a ride.he jumps on it's backk.. riding the shark a good 15 feet from the boatwhiie you sanity....jacobs claams the risk was miniialhh says it was a baskiig shark. they eat plankton and small fish... not humans. 3 take a look at this...a arressed... after this crash. &pthe incredible force of it wa captured on 3 cameras...a cargo van crashes into a bus... pushing it across the street... right into a mm-donalds.fortunately, no ne was killed... but 3 people were hhrt.the driver of the drrnk driving charges... and was drivinggwithout a license pressdent barack obama makers... tooalmmst double fuel efficiencyystandards. standardd.g-m, ford, ccryslee, and toyytaaare all in on the deal.tte new proposal would
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raise the average for all cars currrnt 30 miles per gallon... almostt555miles per gallon innthe year 025. the president argues consumers will want the more exppnsive hyyrids because they'll save almost 2 trillionn obama ssys: "this agreemmnt on fuel standards represents the single most important stepp we've ever takennas a nation to reduceeour dependence oo foreign oil." oil." thh automakkrs weree resisting the &pmeasuue...hybrids only accoun now. automakers fear t reluctant consumers ould mean a lack of sales... and job losses. we'll all be finding nee ays to ccol off this weekend meteorologist emily gracey skywatch forecass... emily?&. the ravens ssgn jimmy smith...
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find out how much the ravens first round pick will make... next in sports... next on the latt edition...why thissfitness ccaze... is catchinggon with some men ...and we've seen ♪ [ rock ]
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[ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah! ♪ come on, she got it you got it, we got it who's got it ♪ we're all different. that's why there are five new civics. the next-generation civic. only from honda. 3&...anddwe've seen plenty of
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stories where women are using pole dancinn to ssay n shape. some guys ii china are taking requires the use of the bs, arms aad upper body. it's catching n because now yyu can siin up for the wwrkouu at the ggm.the classes are xpeesive in china... thhe cost betweenn600 nd 12- hunnred bbcks a year hey everyone i'' morgan adsit. what a nightmare for the ravens on daa twooof praatice the entire time....with temps hanging around 99 egrees. &pthese guys getting in shape one way or another. another.the story out of prafted rookies have officially signed and are on theepractice the
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missing piecee... the ravens first round ppck... cornerbbck jimmy smith inking a 55year 7.4 million, includingga 3.9 &pmillion dollar signing bonus.. sounds like a lot... ann it past... rookies from here on t - out making less thanks to the s doesn't care about all that... field... competing for a starting roll in the rrvenss secondary. last night and ran a couple -3 miles just to get mm jjices flowing. then i ran thii run test this morning and after then practice i mean i got a lot of work done as nk far s knowing the defenne. one vet who smith hhs taken aa
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liking to, ornerback dominique ffxworth.ittwas visable in toddy's practice foxwortt will be smithhs mentor.... the two were often chatting and ppinting during drills and some seven on seven actton..foxwwrth wwo's comingg 100 percent... but he's e's surprised the ravens have kept him around thhsslong.... not &phealth.... because offhis involvement in the n-f-l lockoot as the ravens plaaer n-f-l-p-a executive committee. foxworth is cheduled to make
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p-point-4 million thiss season... 3 &p ñ that's all for theelatee
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editton...thanks for joining &puu.i'm karen parks....p next is "how i met your mother"... and be sure to tunnein to fox455morring ews tomorroo -- &pstarting at 5-am.
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